Fire & Grace & Ash

Fire & Grace has teamed up with ace mandolin player and composer Ashley Broder. Broder is a brilliant musician who brings an authentic mandolin virtuosity and flair for modern instrumental composition to Fire & Grace – the trio is known as Fire & Grace & Ash. Our first CD – Partita Americana is now available here: Partita Americana – Fire & Grace & Ash

The recording begins with an epic blending of Bach and American fiddle tunes called Partita Americana. Other tracks include – Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar, Unless by Hawktail, BlueThrash which is a medley of old time fiddle tunes arranged by Ashley, and the gorgeous Canadian waltz called the Waltz of the Little Girls.

The Old Changing Way on WFHB raves, “…this piece Partita Americana) is surreal in all the best ways.”


Some pictures from our recent performance at UCSC.


thanks to Shmuel Thaler.