Edwin Huizinga and William Coulter are:

Fire & Grace

…exuded life, emotion, warmth and depth.

Otago Daily Times, New Zealand

Fire & Grace is an eclectic collaboration between guitarist William Coulter and violinist Edwin Huizinga. This unique duo explores the connective musical elements of classical, folk, and contemporary traditions from around the world. Fire & Grace’s repertoire is vast, ranging from Bach to Vivaldi, tango to Celtic tunes, traditional Bulgarian to American fiddle tunes and waltzes, all played with a sense of discovery and commitment to the elements of passion and virtuosity — fire and grace — found in these diverse traditions. Recent and upcoming performances have included engagements at the Carmel Bach Festival, the Mozaic Festival, the Santa Cruz Baroque Festival, the Electric Earth Concerts, the Monterey Museum of Art, and with Tomaseen Foley’s A Celtic Christmas. In March and April 2017, Fire & Grace toured to New Zealand with appearances at the UPSURGE Festival, the Festival of Colour, and the New Zealand School of Music. The group’s self-titled debut album combines melodies from Argentina, Bulgaria, and Western Europe with dance elements from baroque and folk musical traditions.

Fire & Grace in Ireland

We made a movie!

Our planned film screening in Monterey, CA has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for more information on public screenings – or contact Summerell Arts to arrange a virtual one!

Eponymous CD:



Fire & Grace perform an original arrangement of the very popular Libertango by Astor Piazzolla. The title merges “Libertad” and “tango”, symbolizing the composer’s break from classical tango to tango nuevo. 


Nana is one of the most beautiful pieces of music we have heard. Our arrangementis based on that of Manuel de Falla from his very well known set of Spanishsongs called Siete Canciones Populares. There is great sadness in this music andalso great hope. Sleep, little one, sleep, sleep, my darling, sleep, my little morning …