Suite Español

From our new album Alma, here is a full-length rendition of our Suite Español, An epic musical journey into the music of JS Bach and timeless melodies from Spain. This suite blends 6 movements from Cello Suite #1 with 6 melodies, old and new, from Spain. Recorded at Wind River Studio, Santa Cruz, 2021. Video by Tal Skloot.
  1. Prelude (Bach)
  2. Mendiokerra (Traditional Basque)
  3. Allemande (Bach)
  4. Ay Linda Amiga (Traditional 16th Century Spanish Cancion)
  5. Courante (Bach)
  6. Nana (Traditional arranged by Manuel de Falla)
  7. Sarabande (Bach)
  8. Malaguena (Traditional Spanish)
  9. Minuets (Bach)
  10. Muniera de Chantada (Traditional Galician)
  11. Gigue (Bach)
  12. Cancro Cru (Anxo Pintos)

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